For experts from the milling experts…!

It isn’t a straightforward and universal approach, but the mastery of something special that makes the expert. One of these specialities in the machining of work pieces is flawless cutting under difficult conditions, whether due to inadequate accessibility, high hardnesses and strengths, unpleasant machining behaviour or apparently inaccessible depths. The shock moment arises for many here, yet DEPO has the expertise. To cope with these particular challenges, the tools must also meet the special requirements. And it was exactly this chequered flag that was in sight when we were developing the Xpert series.

Tools, cutting inserts and retainer systems of the Xpert series are distinguished by a series of characteristics, which are ideal for special machining tasks and have already bestowed lots of success upon numerous customers.
The cutting materials used for the cutting inserts and solid metal tools of the Xpert series meet the highest level of development, their performance pushes the very upper limits of what can be mechanically and physically achieved. The geometries and high-performance coatings of the cutting inserts are adapted to the work piece materials, chipformers reduce the cutting force and heat generated during machining and optimize the chipping management for a smooth and shock-free removal from the chipping areas. Stronger cross-sections and specially prepared cutting edges provide the necessary stability to handle even intense peak loads.

Three key words concisely describe the requirements of Xpert retaining systems:


Larger support diameters, rigid materials, compact tensioning systems and load-resistant cross-sections, even with small retained interference contours, demonstrate an above average stability performance. A convenience that the user notices due to the high geometrical accuracy and surface quality.

The modular structure facilitates numerous combination possibilities of HSK or SK basic adaptors with tool retainers of differing lengths and intermediate extensions. Retainers for shrinking, screwing, with collet chucks allow for a flexible reaction to the different requirements of the machining tasks at depths that were previously inconceivable and also with internal coolant feed to the cutting edge.
…for special challenges.