More performance for your machining process


DEPO has been a reliable partner in tool and mould production for decades. With over 4,000 satisfied customers, we adopt a holistic approach to achieve measurable benefits in your company.

The DEPO Xpert program and the DEPO tool program provide you with opportunities to achieve the best tool life and highest of precisions in the field of tool working. The integrated program includes all you need, from basic retainment in the standard SK and HSK norms, cutting edge extension systems made of tool steel and solid metal to cutting inserts, solid metal mills and solid metal drills.

DEPO implements modern shrink-fit technology in the induction process, but also offers all the other standard interfaces. DEPO tools are characterized by their slender shapes and set standard across all tasks. Our complete range of expertise on the requirements of modern materials – obtained from long-term and close cooperation with our partners – is incorporated into the continuous further development of the cutting means used. Substrates and coatings as well as geometries are continuously adapted to the latest requirements.

This has lead, among other things, to the development of the rhombus-polygon cutting insert, patented for DEPO. This completely new geometry allows for enormous flexibility and precision. The high quality of DEPO tools and cutting agents manufactured in Germany in turn guarantees high-quality end products.

DEPO’s concept alone in this area speaks for itself: all tools are synchronized and have versatile usage. The range of tool programs offered is rather small compared to most of our competitors, but nevertheless solutions for every requirement can be found, adhering to the motto “Less is more”.