Machining and milling with success … only with DEPO!

Those who want to be successful in die and mould production cannot do without stable cutting materials. Powerful and coarse roughing work as well as time-intensive finishing operations require high-performance cutting materials. A breakage of the cutting insert during roughing will most likely lead to the destruction of the support tool, extremely rapid wear and tear when finishing leaves unpleasant transitions and lots of unnecessary reworking. Many people are spared both frustration and money by selecting the right cutting insert. You cannot do without DEPO if you want to be successful in die and mould production.

DEPO offers a wide range of cutting inserts, which can accomplish all milling operations on free-form surfaces or surfaces oriented at right angles, both in the ISO range as well as for high-production HFC processes (milling with high feed rates). In combination with the precise DEPO carrier bodies, excellent milling results can be achieved even under difficult conditions.

Did you know, that DEPO … has developed and optimized its cutting materials for specific use within industries and applications together with leading solid metal manufacturers and hard-coating specialists? This is the only way to achieve the best results on the work piece materials used. The K03DC2 should be cited as an example: it is used wherever long-term unbeatable service life is indispensable for a high-quality, smooth surface quality during finishing!
And with the others … a possible price advantage due to inexpensive universal varieties can be very quickly offset by increased usage / necessary reworking.

In cooperation with leading solid metal manufacturers, DEPO has developed a comprehensive cutting materials portfolio, which can handle any problem from the roughing of unmachined parts, tailored to the type and shape, to glossy and hardened finished parts. Record results can be achieved on hardened metal substrates and high-tech coatings, coordinated to the loading situation. We can simply refer to the example of the DEPO K03 here, a long-term stayer when it comes to finishing or hard machining without having to resort to expensive special cutting materials such as CBN. Coarse rough machining with enormous machining volumes can also be undertaken quickly and easily by means of targeted grading of the toughness classes right to the P40/M40 range. The DEPO 5 edge cutting insert with an optimum balance of cutting edge quantity and possible cutting depth has also proved itself many times here in the metallurgical industry. Easier to cut, sharpened geometries are available for aluminium and other soft non-ferrous metals.

For smaller diameters up to 16 mm, DEPO has cutting inserts in spherical and toroidal form with different corner radii in the same extensive variety. A cost-effective alternative to solid metal tools, where the removable disks especially showcase their benefits and strengths at extreme depths. A wide range of support tools, retainers and extensions are available as aids.
Specialists and cutters used to success also make use of our Xpert series for cutting inserts.