DEPO XPERT – Best results and high performance!

DEPO XPERT – Best results and high performance!
With the “Made in Germany” DEPO XPERT-LINE production series, DEPO offers operators in the tool/mould/die and machine production industries, as well as in the gear cutting industry, vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine generation, which is distinguished in its thermosymmetrical “genuine” gantry design thanks to its extraordinary machine rigidity, precision and dynamics.
These compact and modular high-performance CNC machining centres with 3 axis / 5 axis / 7 and additional axes are perfect for 3 to 5 axis simultaneous milling of individual and challenging work pieces, i.e. especially:

  • Smallest radii in great depths
  • Optimum reproducible accuracies and surface finishes
  • Short machining times
  • Soft and hard machining of different gear wheels with unprofiled DEPO standard tools

The DEPO XPERT-LINE production series offers enormous flexibility with the unique head changing system and convinces with powerful, effective roughing and finishing processes of the highest precision with excellent surface qualities.
Enormous rates of increase in the production process can be achieved with the innovative, patented DEPO SPEED SHAPING machine cutting method.
The new DEPO XPERT-LINE production series sets new benchmarks and supplements the product range of DEPO machining centres, more than 600 of which have been delivered globally. 
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