Stable shank to shank…

The DEPO short-shank system turns what used to be considered inaccessible routine. Unbeatable in terms of stability and flexibility, the milling tool of the short-shank system facilitates milling processes in the deepest pockets and at the most exposed parts of your work piece, doing so with direct internal coolant feed to the cutting edge. The possible, high cutting parameters of the milling tool ensure extremely economical machining in these extreme situations when used in 5 and multi-axis machines. Depending on the work piece geometry, an increase in the cutting performance up to the load limit of the cutting materials is possible even with fewer axes.

The short-shank system gets its enormous stability from the combination of material rigidity and planar support. The cutting forces are guided into the retainer and further into the machine via the retainer support using short lever arms. The rigid composite keeps the tendency for vibrations to a minimum and also ensures high-quality surfaces even with large projection lengths.

No matter whether your work piece is made of aluminium, tempered tool steel or is already hardened, a wide range of solid metal tools in spherical or toroid form covers a spectrum of machining assignments. The modular structure of the short-shank system also allows for the use of tools from other DEPO product lines. It is therefore possible to adapt screw-in tools for cutting inserts on the system. Basic adapters are available in various lengths for the standard machine section joints HSK and SK, depths of > 500 mm can also be achieved using a large number of extensions and adapters. And should things become really too tight, the selected retainer material allows independent modification of the interference contour by means of twisting.

In view of the material cross-sections of the retainers in the shrink range, that are kept low and determined by the system, the use of shrink units with lower capacity is recommend for material conservation. DEPO provides precisely this with the DST 1010 induction shrink unit. This unit can be adjusted in a 25% stepping range and operated by a foot switch. This leaves both hands free for coordinated implementation of the shrinking process.

Less raw material is required than for conventional shank milling tools for the production of short-shank tools as a milling tool. This resource-conserving sustainability convenience is available for a low price.