DEPO and Leonardo da Vinci – two visionaries.  One changed milling machining – the original

The company DEPO Frästechnik was founded in the eastern Westphalian municipality of Marienfeld, Gütersloh district, in 1989 by Mr. Deitert, with the vision of fundamentally revolutionizing milling technology, since his experience told him, that the then prevailing process for the production of complex shapes seemed too inflexible and extremely uneconomical. His original ideas and solutions quickly found a strong market response, the family business developed into a medium-sized, highly innovative centre of excellence across all areas relating to milling processes within no time. Trendsetting “Developed by DEPO, made in Germany” products and services for machining in the die and mould making, tool making, prototype manufacture, machine engineering and gear production industries as well as in the aviation and energy technology sectors make DEPO the first point of contact within these high-tech industries.
DEPO’s competences in machine and process technology, CAM programming and the design of machining tools enable a cross-disciplinary, integrated approach to assignments, which result in economically optimized and sustainable solutions.
DEPO’s own market-oriented goal is to develop new tooling systems for problematic machining operations as well as alternative, additive manufacturing processes for milling, in order to continue advancing machining technology in an economically and resource-friendly manner.
DEPO is not only a supplier of milling centres, machining tools, tool clamping technology and CAM software, but also feels its task lies in providing its customers and partners with the best possible results, and to further guide pioneering work in economizing their processes as a consultant, source of expertise and provider.
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