DEPO … everything from a single source, international tool and mould making for more than 25 years!

Heinz Deitert founded DEPO Frästechnik in Marienfeld, Gütersloh district, in 1989 with the fundamental idea of realizing more efficient milling technology. A complete tool system was the result of his many years of industry experience. The development of optimum milling strategies with dedicated tools provides for shorter machine run times and ensures a noticeable increase in productivity across many production processes. The company is rapidly establishing itself on the market thanks to the wide acceptance of the DEPO tool system. The decisive factor for this is the degree of innovation, the flexibility and reliability, which customers of DEPO particularly appreciate

Did you know DEPO … is a medium-sized, highly innovative family business? “Made in Germany” self-developed services and products form the basis for our uncomplicated and personal customer relationship.
And the others … often lagging behind here, since they are less involved with their customer focus because of their reliance on a larger corporate group and lack of product identification!

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More performance for your company!

The performance spectrum that DEPO offers its technology partners is unique in its form and composition. The solution possibilities and approaches are multifaceted and all components are precisely coordinated with one another.
If one of the above mentioned points applies to you, then do not hesitate to have an informal chat with us!

  • You’re looking for more economic efficiency for your company concerning milling tools!
    You need a competitive edge and strive for a drastic shortening of your machining processes!
    You want more quality and less scrap in your tool portfolio!
    You are interested in new and significantly quicker machining methods for the ultimate time savings in your machining processes!
    You want to conveniently buy your tools and the matching accessories online round the clock!
    You want to renew your machine fleet or upgrade it with the latest models!
    You want to have a partner who offers everything from a single source!
    You need reliability, the highest quality and a quick response for your machining process!
    You are looking for the right partner for the milling of highly complex shapes in an even quicker time!
    You need the right expertise when it comes to gears, turbines, dies, wheels, tools, moulds etc!